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ISNOG 2016
International Symposium on Non-Oxide and New Optical Glasses
21-26 of August, 2016 / Oka Grand Hotel, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Sponsors of Isnog 2016

Technopark of the Republic of Mordovia - a driver of development of fiber optic branch of the region

V.V. Yakuba, General Director of the Autonomous institution «Technopark-Mordovia»


Autonomous Institution «Technopark-Mordovia» - the territory of favorable conditions for development and commercialization of innovations where the scientific organizations, educational institutions and manufacturing enterprises are integrated. The main task of the technopark is creation of the developed infrastructure and favorable conditions for implementation of the knowledge-intensive projects in the following fields: fiber optics and optoelectronics, electronic instrument making, nanotechnologies and composite materials, energy saving lighting engineering, information technologies, biotechnologies.

In accordance with Social and Economic Strategy of Russia for the period until 2020 the technopark is directly involved in forming of the new markets of high-technology products and services in the Russian Federation. First of all, it belongs to products of photonics – a scientific and technical industry of the modern high-technology industry connected with use of light radiation in optical elements, devices and systems. In the region was created of an industrial cluster "Fiber Optics and Optoelectronics", which is directed to forming in Russia the market of unique products of photonics in relation to various segments of the market: optical fiber, including special application, laser equipment, solar power, LED-based lighting, equipment for security systems, medical equipment.

Key objects of the created cluster are destined to become the Engineering Center of Fiber Optics (hereinafter referred to as ECFO) and the Design Center of Innovations (hereinafter referred to as DCI) of the Autonomous institution «Technopark-Mordovia». Use of technological capabilities of ECFO and DCI by enterprises of the cluster will allow to create competitive high-technology products and, finally, to carve out their niche of the photonics market.

The Engineering Center of Fiber Optics is an interregional technological platform for development of process and manufacturing engineering of special fiber light guides with pre-designed properties for industrial enterprises working in the field of photonics.

While executing the ECFO project it was succeeded to integrate the leading schools of sciences in the field of special fiber, and also to get support of world famous scientists and foreign partners.

Areas of activities of the ECFO:

  • carrying out research and development for implementation in mass production of new types of special fiber light guides;
  • production of special fiber light guides and devices based on them;
  • provision of a manufacturing area for small innovative enterprises;
  • training of specialists in the field of production of fiber light guides and optoelectronic devices.

Fig. 1. Engineering Center of Fiber Optics

At the present time the technopark together with the leading Russian and foreign centers carry out a number of educational programs for training of process engineers of production of special fiber light guides and optoelectronic devices.

In plans of the technopark - to carry out the training of necessary specialists in the field of photonics based on ECFO. For accomplishment of the objective an active work on creation in the technopark of the following basic departments is carried out: "Fiber-Optic Sensors" (together with ITMO University) and "Advanced Technologies and Engineering" (together with the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University). Basic departments will form a basis of the Training Center of ECFO where theoretical and practical training of specialists will be carried out.

For the quickest possible implementation of process of development and production of an innovative product the work of the Engineering Center of Fiber Optics will be carried out in close cooperation with the Design Center of Innovations.

The Design Center of Innovations is intended to accomplishment of a full range of services from development of mathematical models and drawings of new products of electronic and optoelectronic instrument making, software to production of prototypes products, their testing and certification. In DCI the engineering procedure of prototyping of innovations, at the input of which - result of scientific developments, and at the output - a prototype of a competitive product with wide opportunities for commercialization, is carried out. Structurally the DCI consists of CAD-center, SOFT- center, the Center of Subcontracting and the Scientific and Test Center.

Fig.2. Design Center of Innovations

All four centers are interconnected technologically. In the CAD-center on the basis of modern systems of computer modeling and instruments of design automation the drawings of a prototype of an innovative product are developed. Further the project is transferred to the SOFT-center. In the SOFT-center the program systems integrated in the product are developed. At the following stage the project of delivery of nodes and accessories for "screwdriver industries" of a prototype is prepared. These tasks are carried out by the Center of Subcontracting. The final stage of design process of innovations is carried out in the Scientific and Test Center where scientific researches and certification tests of a ready prototype are conducted.

The technology of prototyping carried out in the DCI is an information technology by definition. Computing systems and the software of the CAD-center, the SOFT-center and the Center of Subcontracting are intended to creation of the functional, design and process descriptions of a prototype, and the equipment and the software of laboratories of mechanical, electromagnetic and climatic tests of prototypes of electronic and optoelectronic equipment are necessary for receiving information on their operating characteristics. The basic testing equipment of the DCI is the radio anechoic chamber and TEM-chamber (Transverse Electro-Magnetic), big and medium climatic chambers, vibration stands and benches for stability tests to different kinds of mechanical shocks, the centrifuge for stability tests to the linear accelerations. The equipment allows to combine different types of tests. As a result of production process of the DCI the physical prototype of a product and its digital mockup representing a complex of the electronic documents describing the product, its application and maintenance, are carried out.

Even now in the National Research N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University the target training of students in the direction of "Program Engineering" is carried out, in the DCI the department of Computer-Aided Design Systems (CAD) of the university is open, an integration of programs of training of experts of the DCI in foreign scientific centers in the directions "Testing and Certification" is conducted.

Technological capabilities of the Engineering Center of Fiber Optics and the Design Center of Innovations offer exciting possibilities for resident companies of the technopark in commercialization of innovations in the field of photonics and in fact put into practice the slogan: Technopark-Mordovia is an infrastructure, competences, brand.