Нижний Новгород Нижегородская ярмарка Памятник Минину и Пожарскому Собор Александра Невского
ISNOG 2016
International Symposium on Non-Oxide and New Optical Glasses
21-26 of August, 2016 / Oka Grand Hotel, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Program of the Symposium

Program of the
XXth International Symposium on Non-Oxide and New Optical Glasses
Grand hotel OKA, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, August 21-26, 2016

Sunday 21st Monday, August, 22nd Tuesday, August, 23rd Wednesday, August, 24th Thursday, August, 25th
8:00 – 9:00 Registration
9:00-9:10 Opening Ceremony
Lux Hall
Plenary Talk
Business Hall
poster Session Session V-2
Optical Linear and Non-Linear Properties of Glasses and Fibers.
Business Hall
9:50-10:00 Plenary Talk Session I-2
High-Purity Glasses, Special Glasses and Low-Loss Fibers
Business Hall
10:00 – 10:10
10:10 – 10:20
10:20 – 10:30
10:30 – 10:40
10:40 – 10:50 Coffee break Excursion Tour to old Russian town Gorodets
10:50 – 11:10 Coffee break and poster Session Coffee break
11:10 - 11:20 Plenary Talk
11:20 – 11:30 Session I-2
Business Hall
Session VII
Glass-Ceramics and Optical Ceramics
Business Hall
11:30 – 11:40
11:40 – 11:50
11:50 – 12:00
12:00 – 12:10 inv
12:10 – 12:20
12:20 – 12:30
12:30 – 12:40
12:40 – 12:50
12:50 – 13:00
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14-00-14:10 Session I-1: Synthesis, Melting and
Processing of Glasses and Glass - Ceramics.
Business Hall
Session III
Modeling of Glass Structure; Glass,
Surface and Interfaces; Structure and Properties.
Hall Standard 1
Session V-1
Luminescent Glasses, Optical Waveguides and Glass-Ceramics for active applications.
Business Hall
Session VI
Optical Thin Films
Session IV
Phase Change Materials and Photo-Induced Effects
Hall Standard 1
Closing Ceremony
Business hall
14:10 – 14:20
14:20 - 14:30
14:30 - 14:40
14:40 - 14:50
14:50 - 15:00
15:00 – 15:10
15:10 – 15:20
15:20 – 15:30
15:30 – 15:40
15:40 – 15:50
15:50 – 16:00
16:00 – 16:10 Coffee break Coffee break and poster Session
16:10 – 16:20
16:20 – 16:30
16:30 - 16:40 Session I-1
Business Hall
Session VIII
Glasses for Medicine, Biotechnology, Sensors, Energy applications
Hall Standard 1
Session V-1 Session II
Glass Transition, Relaxation in Glasses and Glass-forming Liquids, Mechanical Properties.
16:40 - 16:50
16:50 - 17:00
17:00 – 17:10
17:10 – 17:20
17:20 – 17:30
17:30 – 17:40
17:40 - 17:50
17:50 - 18:00
18:00 – 18:10 Registration and
Welcome party
18:10 – 18:20
18:30 – 18:40
19:00 – 2100 Conference Dinner

Sunday, August 21st
18:00-21:00 Registration and Welcome party
Monday, August 22nd
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:50 Opening Ceremony Lux Hall
9:50-10:40 Plenary Talk
Mid-Infrared Photonics: A Hot Topic! Professor Seddon A.,
George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research, University of Nottingham, UK
10:40-11:10 Coffee break
11:10-12:00 Plenary Talk
Down-shifting and Up-conversion to enhance the efficiency of solar cells Professor Ribeiro S.,
Sao Paulo State University – UNESP, Brazil
12:00-12:30 Nalin M.
Structural, thermal and optical properties of a new antimony-phosphate germanate glasses inv 1
12:30-13:00 Calvez L.
Novel ways to prepare chalcogenide glasses and non linear glass-ceramics Inv 2
13:00-14:00 Lunch
Session Session I-1: Synthesis, Melting and Processing of Glasses and Glass - Ceramics. Business Hall Chairman: Tver’yanovich Yu. Session III:
Modeling of Glass Structure; Glass, Surface and Interfaces; Structure and Properties. Hall Standard 1 Chairman : Wagner T.
14:00-14:30 Dorofeev V. High-Purity Tellurite Glasses for Fiber Optics
I-1-inv 1
14:00-14:30 Sigaev V.
Local Modification of Glass Structure: from Nanogratings to Crystalline Waveguides
III-inv 1
14:30-15:00 Brekhovskikh M. Modified Fluoride ZBLAN Glasses
I-1-inv 2
14:30-14:50 Furet E.
Structure and Properties of Telluride Glasses by means of Molecular Dynamics and Solid-State NMRIII O-1
15:00-15:20 Poirier G.
Optical Properties of Tantalum Germanate Glasses, Glass-ceramics and Planar WaveguidesI-1 O-1
14:50-15:10 Kutyin A.
Quasiparticle formulation of thermo-dynamic functions of glasses and meltsIII O-2
15:10-15:30 Laptash N.
Bonding and Structure of Oxofluoroniobate-based Glasses: ZnNbOF5–BaF2 and ZnNbOF5–InF3–BaF2 SystemsIII O-3
15:20-15:40 Sibirkin A.
Chemical Processes in the Batch and in the Melt to Produce Binary and Multicomponent Tellurite-Molybdate GlassesI-1 O-2
15:30-15:50 Sen S.
Structure-Property Relations in Silver Ion Conducting Homogeneous Ag-Ga-Ge-Selenide GlassesIII O-4
15:40-16:00 Mishinov S.
Adhesion mechanism of contamination of optical glassy arsenic sulfides by SiO2 particlesI-1 O-3
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
Session Session I-1:
Synthesis, Melting and Processing of Glasses and Glass - Ceramics Business Hall Chairman: Messaddeq Y.
Session VIII:
Glasses for Medicine, Biotechnology, Sensors, Energy applications Hall Standard 1 Chairman : Bufetov I.
16:30-16-50 Galleani G.
Fluorophosphate glass fiber for transmission in the uv I-1 O-4
16:30-17:00 Arbuzov V. Russian Neodymium Phosphate Glasses for the Laser Controlled Fusion Research: Technology and Limit Properties VIII -inv 1
16:50-17:10 Wang X.
Research on Far-IR Suspended-core Fiber with Te-based Chalcogenide GlassI-1 O-5
17:00-17:20 Parnell H. Chalcogenide glass fibre-optics for the in-vivo mid-infrared optical biopsy VIII O-1
17:10-17:30 Velmuzhov А. Glasses of Ge – S – I and Ge – Se – I Systems for Infrared Fiber Optics I-1 O-6 17:20-17:40 Jayasuriya D.
Fabrication of high and low numerical aperture optical fibre for sensing, mapping and imagingVIII O-2
17:30-17:50 Yin Q.W.
The influence of PbO on spectra and thermo-optical properties of Nd3+-doped phosphate laser glassI-1 O-7
17:40-18:00 Tver’yanovich Yu. Nano-layered solid electrolyte prepared by laser ablation VIII O-3
17:50-18:10 Ruan J.
Broadening of NIR Emission from Bismuth Doped Germanium Glass Melting in a Controlled Reducing AtmosphereI-1 O-8
18:00-18:20 Mikhaylov A.
Bipolar resistive switching in capacitor-like structures based on ionic and covalent oxide dielectricsVIII O-4
18:10-18:30 Ali S.
Nitrogen Rich Glasses in the La-Si-O-N SystemI-1 O-9
18:20-18:40 Huang F.
AlF3-based glasses as promising material for mid-IR solid state lasersVIII O-5
Tuesday, August 23rd
Session Session I-2:
High-Purity Glasses, Special Glasses and Low-Loss Fibers Business Hall Chairmen : Seddon A., Ribeiro S.
9:00-9:50 Plenary Talk
Bismuth-doped glass optical fibers: a new breakthtough in laser media Professor Dianov E.,
Fiber Optics Research Center of RAS, Russia
9:50:10:20 Dai S. Fabrication and characterization of novel multi-material chalcogenide glass fibers and fiber tapers for Mid-infrared SC generation I-2-inv 1
10:20-10:50 Bufetov I.
Hollow-Core Revolver Optical FibersI-2-inv 2
10:50-11:20 Coffee break and poster Session
11:20-11:50 Artyushenko V.
Mid InfraRed Fiber Optics – Review of Technologies and Key ApplicationsI-2-inv 3
11:50-12:20 Shiryaev V.
Recent advances and trends in development of chalcogenide glasses for passive and active fiber optics I-2-inv 4
12:20-12:40 Skripachev I. Towards Chalcogenide Glass Fibers with Intrinsic Optical Losses I-2-inv 5
12:40-13:00 Plotnichenko V. Specifics of spectral loss measurement in IR fibers I-2 O-1
13:00-14:00 Lunch
Session Session V-1:
Luminescent Glasses, Optical Waveguides and Glass-Ceramics for active applications Business Hall Chairmen : Artyushenko V., Sigaev V.
Session VI:
Optical Thin Films Session IV:
Phase Change Materials and Photo-Induced Effects Hall Standard 1 Chairmen : Arbuzov V., Kozyukhin S.
14:00-14:30 Heo J. Glasses containing chalcogenide quantum dots V-1 -inv 1 14:00-14:30 Wagner T. Chalcogenide glass films FOR Nanoscale memories VI -inv 1
14:30-15:00 Ledemi Y. Recent progress in the development of ittrbium-doped oxyfluoride glass-ceramics for laser cooling application V-1 -inv 2 14:30-15:00 Kozyukhin S. Investigation of crystallization mechanism and kinetics for amorphous thin films of phase change memory materials VI -inv 2
15:00-15:20 Santagneli S.
Photoluminescence properties of Er3+ doped phosphate tungstate glass containing Ag-nanoparticlesV-1 O-1
15:00-15:30 Messaddeq Y.
Microstructure Formation In Chalcogenide Thin Films Assisted By LaserVI -inv 3
15:20-15:40 Karaksina E. Preparation and characterization of high purity Pr3+-doped Ga(In)-Ge-As(Sb)-Se glasses V-1 O-2 15:30-15:50 Qasmi A. Photoinduced changes of optical and structural properties in As- based thin films glassy doped with copper VI O-1
15:40-16:00 Zhang J.
Local Environment Dependence on the Luminescence of Rare Earth Doped Chalcohalide Glasses and Glass CeramicsV-1 O-3
15:50-16:10 Shen X. Physical Properties and Crystallization Behaviours in GexTe1-x films VI O-2
16:00-16:30 Coffee break and poster Session
Session V-1:
Luminescent Glasses, Optical Waveguides and Glass-Ceramics for active applications Business Hall Chairman : Romanova E.
Session II: Glass Transition, Relaxation in Glasses and Glass-forming Liquids, Mechanical Properties Hall Standard 1 Chairman : Wen Lei
16:30-16:50 Tang Z.
Studies of various praseodymium additives doped chalcogenide Se-based fibresV-1 O-4
16:30-16:50 Brandova D. Crystallization and relaxation behavior of Ge11Ga11Te78 infrared glass II-O-1
16:50-17:10 Zhang P.
Design of Photonic Crystals to Enhance the Fluorescence Emission in Rare-earth Doped Chalcogenide GlassV-1 O-5
16:50-17:10 Fraenkl M. Study of ionic properties by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and radioactive tracer diffusion II-O-2
17:10-17:30 Bentouila O. Spectroscopic analysis of Tm3+/Yb+3/Ho+3 tri-doped fluorophosphates glasses V-1 O-6 17:10-17:30 Kostal P. Viscous Behavior of Chalcogenide Materials II-O-3
17:30-17:50 Koltashev V.
Spectral Properties of Er3+-doped High-Purity Tellurite GlassesV-1 O-7
17:30-17:50 Maslennikova I.
Nanocrystallization of RE – doped Tellurite GlassesII-O-4
17:50-18:10 Kharakhordin A.
Visible and near-infrared luminescence of Pb-active centers in silica glassV-1 O-8
17:50-18:10 Pynenkov A.A. The effect of crystallization on the luminescent properties of bismuth-doped barium gallium germanate glasses II-O-5
18:10-18:30 Ermakov R.
The Study of the State of Bismuth Ions in Bi-doped GeSx (1<x<2) and Ge-As- S GlassesV-1 O-9
Wednesday, August 24th
9:00-10:40 Poster Session
10:40-17:30 Excursion Tour to old Russian town Gorodets
19:00-21:00 Conference Dinner: “Royal” restaurant of OKA Grand Hotel

Thursday, August 25th
Session Session V-2.
Optical Linear and Non-Linear Properties of Glasses and Fibers. Business Hall Chairmen : Shiryaev V., Dai S.
9:00-9:20 Chen F.
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of chalcogenide glasses within Ge-Sn-Se system V-2 O-1
9:20-9:40 Guo H.T.
Study on the magneto-optical properties of Ga2S3 -GeS2- based chalcohalide glassesV-2 O-2
9:40-10:00 Romanova E.
Accurate Measurement of the Nonlinear Optical Constants of Chalcogenide Glasses V-2 O-3
10:00-10:20 Sukhanov М.
Optical and Thermal Properties of Monoisotopic Glasses on the Basis of Arsenic Sulfide, Germanium Sulfide and Arsenic Selenide V-2 O-4
10:20-10:50 Manzani D.
A portable luminescent thermometer based on green up-conversion emission of Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped tellurite glassV-2 O-5
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
Session Session VII.
Glass-Ceramics and Optical Ceramics Business Hall Chairman: Calvez L.
11:20-11:40 Dymshits O.
Synthesis, Structure and Optical Properties of Transparent Glass-Ceramics with Nanocrystals of Rare-Earth Niobates VII O-1
11:40-12:00 Novikova A.
Effect of LiF Sintering Aid on the Properties of MgAl2O4 Ceramics.VII O-2
12:00-12:20 Timofeeva N.
Fabrication of Fe2+:ZnSe Polycrystalline Samples with Different Geometry of Doping and Investigation of Generation Characteristics of Synthesized Materials VII O-3
12:20-12:40 Qiao X.
Luminescent Glass-ceramics Containing Fluoride, Aluminate and Borate Subphases for WLED Application VII O-4
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Closing Ceremony Business Hall

Program of poster session

P1 Preparation of tellurite-molybdate glasses containing of lanthanum oxide from precipitated batch
Fedotova I.G.
P2 Preparation of the TeO2 ? WO3 Glasses by Using of the Batches Precipitated from Aqueous Solutions
Gavrin S.A.
P3 Thermal and Crystallization Properties of Fluorozirconate-Phosphate Glasses Doped with Rare Earths
Goncharuk V.K.
P4 Peculiarities of structure, crystallization and luminescence in the TeO2-PbO•P2O5-PbF2:EuF3 glasses.
Ignatieva L.N.
P5 Synthesis and study of new in-containing oxyfluoroniobate glasses.
Savchenko N.
P6 Fluorozirconate and fluorohafnate glasses, doped with europium.
Zhidkova I.
P7 The Use of the ICP-AES Method to Determine Matrix Components and Impurity Elements in the As-S, As-Se Chalcogenide Glass Systems
Fadeeva D.
P8 Optical, Thermal and Crystallization Properties of High-Purity TeO2-ZnO-La2O3-Na2O glasses
Motorin S.
P9 Methodology to evaluate the stability of crystallization tellurite glasses by DSC methods
Balueva K.
P10 Removing the Defective Surface Layer by Magnetorheological Treatment.
Kolpashchikov V.
P11 Is the Term “Polyamorphism” Correct for Noncrystalline Substance?
Minaev V.
P12 Structural characterization and electrical condactivities of highly Ion-conducting glasses and glass ceramics in the system
Santagneli S. H.
P13 Effect of Silver and Sodium Ions on Optical Properties and Structure TeO2-WO3-La2O3 Glass
Stepanov B.
P14 Isothermal and laser crystallization of amorphous thin films of PCM materials: comparative analysis of the two mechanisms.
Lazarenko P.
P15 Excitation induced NIR emission analysis in Pr3+ single and Pr3+, Yb3+ co-doped TZYN glasses for optical amplifiers.
Dagupati R.
P16 Photoluminescence and Thermal Lens spectroscopic investigations of highly efficient fluorophosphates glasses doped with Nd3+ and Er3+
Goncalves T. S.
P17 Luminescent Lead Tungsten Fluorophosphate Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
Poirier G.
P18 Superposition Spectra and Interionic Energy Migration in Fluorophosphate:Ho3+/Er3+ Glass
He D.B.
P19 Up-conversion detection of 1.908 micron radiation of Tm: YLF in the glass composition TeO2-PbF2-Ho2O3-Yb2O3
Budruev A.
P20 Study of Magnetooptic Properties of High-Purity Tellurium Dioxide Based Glasses
Yakovlev A.
P21 Thermal and Optical Properties of Niobium Phosphate Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
Poirier G.
P22 NMR Spectroscopy of the Fluoride Glasses in the BiF3?Rb(Cs)F?ZrF4 Systems
V. Kavun
P23 Investigation of heterophase inclusions as a source of optical losses in high-purity chalcogenide and tellurite glasses for fiber optics.
L.A. Ketkova
P24 A study of glasses in the TeO2 -P2O5PbO-PbF2-MF3(М-Er, Eu, Nd) system by light nonelastic scattering method.
Marchenko Yu.
P25 Nonlinear Optical Properties of High-Purity Tellurite Glasses
M.P. Smayev
P26 Glass Formation Region and Optical Properties of TeO2-MoO3-Bi2O3 System.
P27 Optical absorption of d-elements in the tellurite-molybdate glasses
P28 Electrical, dielectric, and optical properties of PbO-Ga2O3-Bi2O3 glasses
Labas V.
P29 Planar waveguides based on tungsten-tellurite glass.
Gorshkov O.
P30 Effect of visible light on Ag doped GST thin films.
P. Singh
P31 Hot Pressing of Transparent Ceramics of Tb2O3-Y2O3 Solid Solutions.
Permin D.
P32 Effect of CoO Addition on the Structure and Optical Properties of Transparent Glass-Ceramics based on ZnO and Zn2SiO4 nanocrystals.
Shemchuk D.
P33 Evanescent Wave Analysis of a Multimode Chalcogenide Fiber Embedded into a Crude Oil.
Korsakova S.
P34 Whispering Gallery Modes of Optical Microresonators Made of Chalcogenide Glass.
Zhivotkov D.
P35 Chalcogenide fused fiber couplers development and characterization
Benderov O.
P36 On the Possibility of Mid-IR Supercontinuum Generation in Dispersion Engineered Chalcogenide Fibers with All-Fiber Femtosecond Pump Source
Anashkina E.