Нижний Новгород Нижегородская ярмарка Памятник Минину и Пожарскому Собор Александра Невского
ISNOG 2016
International Symposium on Non-Oxide and New Optical Glasses
21-26 of August, 2016 / Oka Grand Hotel, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


Instructions for Oral Presentation

The oral presentation should be done using PowerPoint. A computer with an LCD projector will be available for all sessions.

To minimize the technical difficulties and a waste of time when changing speaker, we ask all presenters to save their presentation before the start of their session with a USB storage device in a format that can be read by Powerpoint on a Window-based PC.

If you must use your own laptop, even if it is not really desirable, please be sure to test it before your session.

It is recommended to load the presentations during the breaks before the sessions.

Invited talks have 30 minutes (25 min. for presentation and 5 min. for discussion) and contributed talks have 15 minutes (12 min. for presentation and 3 min. for discussion) each. Please manage your presentation to keep the time. Session chair will give a notice 2~3 minutes before time’s up and you have to prepare to finish your talk after the notice.

Your cooperation to keep the program on time will be highly appreciated.

Instructions for Poster

The poster layout should be portrait and not exceeding A0 size.

Authors are to put up their posters at lobby at least 2 hours before poster session. Posters must be removed just after the poster sessions. Posters are to be put up according to the numbering on the poster panels. Authors must be present during poster session to explain their posters.